AR Tech Baby Towel
Product: AR Tech Baby Towel
Details :
  • AR Tech
  • Target user group: 2-8 year olds.
  • Create a new way of combining children's products with education.
  • 1095 Chinese Story in 365 days.

A collection of practical, interesting, creative, knowledge in one of the sweat towel

Incisively and vividly let kids play their creativity, create their own exclusive animal image, every day to accompany children, for children all sorts of wonderful stories about the magic forest, give the child a sweat towel beyond imagining

Scan the images created by the child or scan the 3D image generated by the sweat towel pattern, and tell the children three fairy tales every day. The story is updated every day, with a total of 1,095 stories in 365 days.

Set AR interactive education experience + children's creative works + functional products as a whole new children's products.

Create a new path for AR interaction education with children's products.

*Need smartphone or tablets to connect an app which specially design for this product. (AR function is required)

*Product direct shipped from oversea, delivery period need 7-14 working days.

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